Saturday, February 18, 2012

Modern Japanese House | On The Corner | Shiga | Japan | Eastern Design Office

The site is a wedge-shaped flatiron lot which remained at a corner where two streets meet at an acute angel.
It was left behind neither residential nor for industrial development.
No one wanted to buy it,and the public sector would not invest to change it into a park: a lot remained bereft of life for a long time.

The elevation of this building takes the shape of the triangle plot.
It is a triangular residential complex of 13 meters height with the base line 23m x height 12m x oblique line 26m.
It is a typical tenanted apartment house with seven rooms, 1-3rd two units on each floor and one on the 4th floor.
Each room is composed of a living room of 13 m2, two bed rooms with 13 m2 and 9m2, a prefabricated bathroom, a kitchen system and a toilet. They are planned to be easy to rent for town people......more

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