Monday, March 26, 2012

Modern Mexican House Design | Ozuluama Residence | Mexico City | Mexico | Architects Collective

Built in 1932 - this building, which once housed the legendary Galerie La-Panadería is on the edge of a former racecourse in the Condesa district of downtown Mexico City. Above the renovated building, a roof structure was built with two terraces that seem to float like a nomadic structure above the city. The folding structure is a free, dynamic form which creates a seemingly temporary habitat with flowing indoor and outdoor spaces and generous views of the city. The building envelope is lined with pearl gray Corian acrylic polymer sheets, and the floors are laid in gray Santo Tomas marble; the same marble used in the public domain of churches and the Mexico City Metro. The building is ventilated through openings at the top of the chimney-like roof profile. Due to its orientation, temperature control is achieved passively...............more

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