Saturday, June 16, 2012

Australian Modern Coastal House | Murra Murra Place | Little Bay | New South Wales | Australia | Luigi Rosselli Architects

Boasting one of the most scenic settings in Sydney, the site of Prince Henry at Little Bay is loaded with history. Firstly as a significant aboriginal site; since the 1880s an important coastal hospital with a rich legacy collection of public buildings; and in 1969 the site of the memorable Christo’s “Wrapped Coast”.

This house design is a viewing platform to the amazing landscape and its historical context.

The unique aspect of the development is its simplicity and the reduction to the essential. The client and the Architect worked together to remove all the unnecessary gadgets and accessories normally attached to waterfront property.

The street access flows seamlessly to the open living space – which is designed as a vast platform cantilevered toward the view. The service area turns its back to the view, as a clear separation of work and play. The lower level, in contact with the garden, contains the bedrooms, laundry and garage – strictly functional. No swimming pool, nor family nor breakfast rooms clutter the plan of the house.

The simplicity of the plan disguises the elaborate energy saving and climate control measures adopted that make air-conditioning unnecessary.........more

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