Monday, February 20, 2017

Tanzanian Sustainable House | Baobab House | Tanzania | Asante Architecture & Design

The first house to be built at ECONEF Children’s Center, Tanzania, 2013.

Objectives and expected results of the Baobab House:

– To develope a sustainable house typology that is adapted to the local climatical, cultural and economical conditions in a northern Tanzanian context
– To integrate sustainable low-cost techniques such as rain water harvesting, solar panels, solar water-heating and ecological compost toilets in the architectural design
– To promote and spread knowledge on sustainable construction methods by creating a replicable house typology and documenting the process in building manuals
– To increase respect for the local building tradition, low cost techniques, and low maintenance solutions
– Increased access to clean water by environmentally friendly rain water harvesting solutions
– Increased environmental engagement and awareness
– Reduced dependency on private donations......more

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