Monday, March 13, 2017

Unique Modern American Home | Heptagon House | Heceta Beach | Oregon | Steven Christensen Architecture

Interested in supplementing their retirement income, our client wanted to take advantage of the spectacular scenery their home offered by turning the second half of their double lot into an AirBnB-style vacation rental. While the highly restrictive building ordinances of the city generally prohibit development of double lots, they discovered that a century-old existing foundation on the second lot offered them the opportunity to rebuild, provided the footprint adhered to the existing 195 square foot foundation.

The design of Heptagon House takes advantage of the simple geometric properties of plan rotation in order to simultaneously expand the area of the upper floors and align the guest house toward an ocean view. Floor plates act as diaphragms stabilizing diagonally canted planes, allowing the project to be constructed using simple platform framing with inexpensive plywood sheathing as finish material throughout. The plan is chamfered twice at the floor plate and roof to allow for a front door and larger windows, yielding four heptagonal facades and a series of canted planes that opportunistically turn the local gabled roof vernacular on its head.......more

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