Saturday, April 1, 2017

Modern Spanish House | Casa Motola | Elche | Spain | Jaime Sepulcre Arquitecturas

This house is a hybrid of several types of houses: first of all the first thing it wants is to be a "house of the Camp d'Elx", as those still populate the rural districts with its peculiar silhouette, whose traditional architecture makes use of the decks Inclined with pottery and the deep porches - for shade - oriented at noon; But at the same time it also wants to be a "house-patio Mediterranean", introverted, protected from the outside and purely white; And also has in its genetics a "Californian house", one of those sophisticated houses of the admired modern architecture of Los Angeles - with whom we share Mediterranean climate - that unfold their plants - many L-shaped in open horizontal spaces Which overlook the gardens and the refreshing swimming pools.....more

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