Thursday, July 16, 2009

Affordable Home | Coutras, France | Lacaton and Vassal

Extremely long and narrow and stretching along a local road, the plot of land is situated in a predominantly farming area that is little built up. The extremely flat lie of the land allows the sky to dominate.
The house is made up of two juxtaposed horticultural greenhouses, each one 150 m2, with a metal frame and transparent polycarbonate sheeting. The outer walls can open up to 50% by means of sliding doors, some opaque ones of these permitting certain rooms to be in darkness.
The greenhouses are equipped on the basis of a simple, intelligent technology enabling the indoor climate to be regulated. This technology controls the ventilation panels in the roof, at the behest of the inside temperature. They close automatically in the event of rain and wind.
Rapidly adopted by the clients, the greenhouse option has enabled us to construct bigger spaces at a low cost, while offering numerous possibilities for their utilization and adaptation, plus a varied set of atmospheres and sensations.

Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal, architects
with Emmanuelle Delage, Christophe Hutin, Sylvain Menaud, architects collaborators
You can visit Lacaton & Vassal website here

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