Saturday, July 25, 2009

Capece Venanzi house | Italy | Giovanni Vaccarini

Studio: Giovanni Vaccarini Architetto
Staff: Laura Marini ,Lucia Tomeo
Start: 2003
Complete: 2004 | 2005

Capece_Venanzi house is a suburban house, a house founded in the conurbation spread of the Adriatic coast in one of the possible areas of a city in any segment between Ascoli and Pescara.
An "intermediate", (apparently) "without qualities", Lacerta a land with no buildings on the offensive among the plains and the hill, in a piece of the city where the urban fabric has the first "stretch marks".
The project idea is to construct a building with a full orientation toward the hill, the hill that is seen as a sort of "sea" on which appear green.
The plant is defined by a section in development on three levels:
_ Fully excavated basement level in the soil, a patio is the focal point around which we organize the space, building a game of targets buried between the spaces / roof garden area the day (pt) / volume of the suspended floor second.
Ground floor is the part of the collective, where a large sliding glass window marks the border between the roof garden and its days covered uncovered. The space revolves around a metallicstairs that connects the first floor.
First floor: welcoming rooms and private spaces (bath / sauna, gym, studio).

The subject composition is played on the metaphor of the macro to transpose a piece of the game of tetris.
The two volumes bring contrasting scene in the two parts of the building and point to the diversity of use with a dual processing material, a base covered in stone with a volume of white plaster.
The foundation stone is "cut" on the western front by a glass wall at full height, while the volume stereo metric superimposed on the ground floor presents a plot of bucature free and circulars.
The series of free bucature are also the plot of the design of the panels made of aluminum shielding bucature large south-west and that "slipped" in the basement painting fences, gates and closure systems.
Light is one of the materials of the project. The system of bucature cut in the walls and floor covering designs during the day the shadows and lights in the flow volume of the second floor, the ground floor light floods all the spaces. At night a system of LED lighting (operated by a controller) defines a set of "backgrounds" that turn the front glass of the first floor into a wall projector / screen.
In the game against the glass wall (light) is using the volume of the cantilevered first floor.
Text and images from Archiportale

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