Monday, July 13, 2009

Dialogue House | Phoenix, Arizona | Wendell Burnette Architects

Within the immediate suburb context in the 1950's-60's ranch houses, the site is occupied by two volumes.One is an elevated space above work,guest and the car, set furthest from the street in the upper northwest corner of the site. The main volume is focused toward the downtown Phoenix skyline stacked against the backdrop of South Mountain and The Sierra Estrella Range to capture the Magic Hour of sunset stretching the horizon of the desert.A glowing box coated in purple black geology floating on lateral pin wheel brace of charcoal masonry walls that extend cardinally beyond and capture the site. In dialogue with the floating volume is another set near the street perpendicular to the slope on axis with horizon; its tall charcoal masonry walls rise from the earth pointed upward to the sky.The interior plastered white,half filled with water, reflects the light and shadows of the space, providing an foreground to the skyline beyond.
Text and images from Wendell Burnette Architects

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