Monday, July 13, 2009

Minimalist House Design | Breda,Iowa | Benthem Crouwel

House, Breda
With its flat roof and single level, this house makes a modernist statement in an up-market residential area of mainly standard fare with pitched roofs. Lifted into space, its volume keeps close to the building line on the street to leave as much garden space as possible in the southwest. Both front and rear entrances are set back; the roof plane continues without a break. A bridge at the streetside entrance and a raised patio and terrace in the garden stitch together inside and outside, creating a long visual and physical corridor through the property.
Square in plan, the house has a cruciform infill of an open and a closed zone that cross at its heart. In the closed zone are the bathrooms, toilets, cloakroom and garage. The hermetic side walls have horizontal profile aluminium cladding; facades in the open zone are fully glazed. Four bedrooms cum workrooms stand along the entrance side, with the living and kitchen/diner overlooking the garden. Glazed slits and light courts punctuate the concrete vegetated roof.

Family Van Krimpen

Benthem Crouwel Architekten

Gross floor area

250 m²
Start design
Start construction

Text and images from Benthem Crouwel

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