Friday, August 7, 2009

Camargo Rolim Residence | Sao Paulo,Brazil | MMBB

built :2004-2005
architecture :Fernando de Mello Franco, Marta Moreira and Milton Braga

Assistant:Ana Carina Costa, Marcelo Maia Rosa, Márcia Terazaki, Acayaba Marina, Marina and Thiago Sabino Rolemberg
Photos :Eduardo Pompeo

The residence of Camargo Rolim is developed in the from of the flexibility of the plant and with relations inside / outside.

The 4 columns supporting 2 parallel to warp reinforced concrete. Are the superstructure of the house receiving the load of the transverse slabs .
A central courtyard articulates all spaces, integrate them visually and functionally
through multiple transparencies provided by the empty and the surfaces of glass.

The space below the slab are the areas of service and garage.

Text and images from MMBB

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