Saturday, August 8, 2009

PM House | Meran,Italy | SOFA Architekten

Architect: S.O.F.A. architects

US2 Architects Engineers
Dr. Elmar Arch House

Design Description:

"A house in the mountains - it lies on the dividing line in steep terrain - hangseitig follows directly on the forest, the building downstream enthroned like an eagle's nest above the level and develops its impressive views.

Even here, an inherent quality of the house visible: it provides a framework for views. The relationship between landscape and architecture as the theme of the form identification and functional organization.

The interior can be reached via a staircase along the patio of the "semi" entrance level with office and library down to the actual living level, an open, flowing space series of living room, dining area and kitchen - or vice versa.

Fotos: Hertha Hurnaus

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