Tuesday, August 18, 2009

House with a Dance Studio | Austin, Texas | Rick Black Architect

Area:2520 sft
Location:Long Beach Valley,Austin,Texas
This project is a result a lengthy and close collaboration between Rick and the artist Jose Luis Bustamante. It serves as a place for work,solitude and contemplation of the land. The building accommodates Jose's living quarters and his 'laboratory' for the exploration of video projection and dance. At ground level, the large open rehearsal space has the proportion of a stage. The upper level wraps around two sides of the rehearsal space and has sliding doors that create a mezzanine from which to observe the project.
The living quarters is air conditioned but operable steel panels provide passive cooling most of the year. From the second floor, turkey vultures are often seen at eye level, gliding on the thermal of the ravine.
The artistic intention of the project is a feeling of lightness achieved with mass.

Text and images from:Rick Black Architect

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