Saturday, December 12, 2009

Modern House Design | Cube House | São Paulo, Brasil | AR arquitetos

Architects: AR arquitetos - Marina Acayaba, John Paul Rosenberg
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Construction: Construsil SA
Foundations: tubular (bored piles)
Structure: Reinforced concrete
Slabs (slab): precast panels
Walls: concrete block
Hot water: solar panels
Siding: aluminum & glass
Project: 2008
Construction: 2009
Land area: 92,50 m2 (6,60 m x 14,00 m)
Constructed area: 92,50 m2
Photos: Maira Acayaba

Premise 1
House in a villa (small cul de sac, closed) in the neighborhood Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil. In a street width of 2.60 m and the land area of 92.50 m2, with a frontage of 6.60m, depth: 14m and attached on both sides.

Premise 2
Residence for a childless couple where the kitchen is the heart of the house = living room (living room) and kitchen. Often receive guests and plan to have a child soon (03 bedrooms). The couple studies and works at home, so they called for a large desk with library. Also different species of plants cultivated, representing external areas.

Clients want a big house, but the ground is small. He wants ultimate privacy, she wants an open house with garden (light and airy)

Decision 01
The house was closed to the open road and within batch, creating a micro-climate.

Decision 02
He kept the entry fee of the old house demolished (+0.90 m), enabling the implementation of a basement (semi-buried), which contains the desk with his large library, and a bathroom. This space is reversible as guest bedroom (3rd bedroom). From there, you see the street and the sky from an unusual viewpoint.

Volume 01
A bucket of 6 × 6x6m, placed in the center of the lot, terraced on the sides, open to two patios, front and bottom, which are configured as a natural extension of the house, ensuring maximum utilization of the land

Volume 02
A second cube of 3 × 3x3m, discovered, implanted in the forehead as an extrusion of the room, complete the titration, determining the space for the garage. This service contains the cupboard and the garden that extends from the room.
Result 01
While the open house for both patios, interior and exterior merge without loss of privacy. This allowed maximum use of the land, with abundant natural lighting and ventilation.

Result 02
Ideal distribution between intimate areas, social and working conditions, allowing the coexistence of activities without interference.

Result 03
A large space in a small house.

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