Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lo Curro House / Peñafiel Architects / Santiago, Chile

More pictures of the house here

Location: Vitacura. Santiago, Chile.
Architect: Jose Domingo Peñafiel
Contributors: Henry Joglar, Fernanda Krauss, Sandro Figueroa
Landscaping: Maria Angelica Schade

Plot: 9.178m ²
Built Area: 820m ²
Year: 2009

Pictures: Guy Wenborne

The site is a terrace house in Lo Curro low, facing the southeast on Santiago and the Andes as a backdrop.
A home without walls, only glass "was the initial and primary request of the owners. Based on this premise, other concepts emerged as enhance the natural curves of the terrain and the project work as a house - balcony over the city.

The house is divided between two curves. One, the inner and central circulation in the front of the city. Between these two curves are orthogonal develops a program of enclosures that incorporated elements enhance the landscape.

The almost complete transparency requirements developed in the south facade completely opening the house to the terrace, making this front in a large hall undulating sustained by the minimum number of piers to support the slab.

The house faces south, so that the slabs were drilled to incorporate overhead light inside. These elements were designed, directed and designed, according to the intent required in each interior.
All worked in concrete facade seen with receipts and circulation. Molding was used for this table brushed to give a fine texture and a ladder nearby. The surfaces of the bedroom areas are left smooth and bleached to have more neutral and peaceful environments. The windows have wooden frames.

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