Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hill Beach House June 2010 Port Aransas, Texas | Sprinkle + Company Architects

Completion Date: June 2009
Like a hermit crab scurrying across the dune, the 1,690-square-foot house sits on numerous tiny legs and has a hard protective shell facing the neighborhood while its opposing side opens to the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the family’s desire to spend most of their time outside, the vacation retreat has more covered patio areas than conditioned space. Design concept and solution: Typical of beach houses in the area, the dwelling uses modest but long lasting materials such as hardiplank, treated timbers, and cedar. The house’s orientation, shape, and space arrangement allow for maximum passive cooling by shading the patios and large expanses of glass during the hot south Texas afternoons and early evening. Inside, natural ventilation is enhanced by the 2-story open staircase that draws air from every room and vents it out through the roof. Broken concrete was salvaged nearby and used for paving around the pool. Environmentally friendly materials inside include linoleum flooring, “paper stone” countertops and ceramic tile with high-recycled content. The segmented shed roof peels away as it slopes to the ground revealing the windows and elevated patio areas that orient east and south towards the dune and the ocean. .....more

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