Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Skywave House in Venice | Anthony Coscia

Anthony Coscia designed his Skywave House in Venice as a place to live, work, and explore ideas.
A curved sheet of steel provides shade and protection, and walls of glass open up to dense plantings on the 40-by-120-foot lot.
Step inside, and you can take in the 90-foot-long interior at a glance, with its open stairs leading to floating platforms, glass-walled rooms, and sliding doors. There’s a palpable sense of openness, and the abundant natural light, reflections, and green vistas obliterate the divide between inside and out.
Coscia Day Architecture + Design have spent two decades designing inventive houses, smart commercial spaces, and restaurants like Natalee Thai, Azia, and Xi’an in Venice and Beverly Hills.
In each of these projects, the architects started with a simple model before using computer software to model a sculptural enclosure that wraps around its occupants as fluidly as a robe embracing a body.
Indeed, one inspiration for the Skywave House was an exhibition of Issey Miyake’s A-POC garments made from a single, laser-cut piece of cloth. The immediate point of departure was a small model of a desk the architects were working on: a floating wing atop a glass shape....more

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