Friday, October 15, 2010

Embedded House | Seoul, Korea | Byoungsoo Cho Architects

Nestled into a lush and beautiful natural area north of Seoul, this house was designed for a naturalist that is renowned writer/philosopher among many people in Korea. The Embedded House is surrounded by rock retaining walls that create gaps between the house and the earth to let in natural light, this irregular shaped house allows the natural flow of the landscape flow down the mountain into the valley to remain virtually uninterrupted. The write and zen painter,wishing a split house that would allow for living quarters as well as studio/working quarters, wish to live in an environment that was serene and meditative. His love for the moon as well as regard to the nature prompted us to place his home in the earth while creating gardens and interesting void spaces within the house to view the sky and bring in natural light. A main void separates the living room from the working quarter.
A small water garden is born of a natural spring on the site. Exterior walls of the house within the stones retaining walls are concrete whereas the interior walls are rammed earth designed to make the inside natural with warmer colour tones.....more Credit:
Byoungsoo Cho Architects
Jeon Am Kim/ Project Architect
Yong Kwan Kim/Photographer

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