Friday, October 15, 2010

Motorhome | Victoria, Australia | WSH Architects

The house has a simple and compact layout. One open-planned living/kitchen/dining wing is located a few steps higher than a parallel bedroom wing that contains a row of bedrooms and a single communal bathroom. Entry to the house is up a stairway – the site slopes down from the back corner to the front. Simpson and West, the principal architects of the project, take full advantage of the slope, squeezing car parking under the elevated living area. Rather than a view of ocean, the prospect from the living room is a suburban roofscape, with the centre of town in the distance. You can just make out the rows of Norfolk pines. With the motorhome position statement as their guide, Simpson and West have drawn on both literal material choices and allusions to temporary structures. The cladding of the bedroom pod is the same as you find on a caravan, creating an indoor/outdoor ambiguity in the feel of the corridor space between living and bedroom zones. This ‘caravan’ is enveloped by the structure of the living ‘annex’.....more

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