Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Schierle House By Matthias Benz

An innovative wooden house, the fulfills the needs and lifestyles of its inhabitants aligned with comprehensive design right up to the to the furniture design.
The monolithic building follows the slope and interpret the required new pitched roof
Two buildings, two areas of life: Living and studying in the dynamic slate monolith for private uses in the quiet cube.
Restrained integration with the existing buildings.
Contrast material slate and plaster.
The living area opens into a large front window that opens like a monitor to look to the landscape
Optimal orientation, a heat pump and sustainable building materials (timber) complete the sustainable energy plan
The terrace, in an extension to the dining area, divided one hidden from view and wind between both buildings
The schist envelope gives the building a monolithic character
The material allows discreet integration into the existing adjacent buildings
Large windows allow an intense relationship to the outer space.
The bedroom closes off the living room and with its large window panel an incomparable view of the old oaks at the edge of the site.....more

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