Thursday, November 11, 2010

48’ House | Houston, Texas | Interloop Architecture

48’ House is a modest single family residence and workspace located in Houston, Texas. The size and proportion of the house is based upon a 4' x 8' framing module ideal for wood and steel construction. 48' House is sited at the rear of a standard residential lot adjacent to interstate I-59. The interstate is depressed approximately 18' below natural grade affording extended views to the south. Adjacent structures to the east and west, in conjunction with the open carport, draw a steady flow of air through the house and into the open lawn at the north side of the property. The mass of the house blocks the majority of highway sound from the lawn making this part of the site ideal for outdoor activity.

The ground floor contains workspaces (an outdoor covered shop, an office, storage, and a half bath). The second floor contains living spaces (a kitchen, a forty-eight foot long dining and living space, two-bedrooms, and a full bath).....more

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