Tuesday, November 9, 2010

L-Stack House, Fayetteville, Arkansas ,USA | Marlon Blackwell Architect

The L-Stack house responds to a site anomaly set within a dense inner-city neighborhood near a city park. The trapezoid shaped lot is traversed diagonally by a seasonal creek. The urban grid and the modest scale of single story houses in the neighborhood are enhanced through a strategy of bridging and stacking of forms. The resulting ‘L’ configuration subdivides the interior program and the site into private and public entities, hinged together with a carefully positioned glass-enclosed stairway. The exterior cladding is a unique rain screen system articulated with rot resistant Brazilian redwood disengaged, stacked, and screwed on the flat creating a horizontal louvered effect. The L-Stack house as bridge provides an intensification of place, a cultured place revealing the evolving relations between home, nature, and city.....more

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