Saturday, November 20, 2010

Private Residence | Villa Holmenkollen Oslo | Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

location: Holmenkollen, Oslo
program: New private Villa for family of 5
client: Private
size: 370 m2
commision type: Direct commission (2001)
status: Completed
year: 2003

This house on the hilly outskirts of Oslo is orientated toward the southwest, where the viewshed features forests, lakes, and the Oslo fjord. To accommodate a grade that occasionally measures 60 degrees, the site is organized into terraces, and the interior of the home was strategically planned to encourage profound interaction with the immediate landscape and distant horizon. The lower level of the rectangular-plan house, for example, is laid out as one space divided into zones, and has two dark concrete walls that heighten the sense of weightlessness of their glass counterparts. All levels are connected by a three-story steel staircase that enhances the feeling of inhabiting the sky.........more

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