Thursday, November 11, 2010

Single Family House | Fence House | Cheb,Czech Republic | A69 Architects

authors: Boris Redčenkov, Prokop Tomášek, Jaroslav Wertig
cooperation: Lenka Mašková
main contractors: Skelet, s.r.o.
investor: soukromá osoba
photographer: Ester Havlová
Containing two separate flats, the building reacts to the diversity and irreconcilable elements in its vicinity by closing in upon itself, into its own introverted world. For its surroundings, it forms a fence, a garden wall. The contrast of the chaos outside and the exact order inside can only be revealed to whoever enters from the street into the inhabited floor. The height of the garden wall and the leveled surface of the garden are exact parameters of its interior space. The residential hall is separated from the garden by only a thin membrane of glass; the intimate and functional sections are aligned into compact blocks.....more

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