Monday, December 20, 2010

House J | Stockholm | Sweden | Marge Arkitekter


New construction of a villa north of Stockholm
Client: private
Year: Completed in 2010
Area: 420 m² BOA
Exhibited at the London Festival of Architecture 2008

The client wanted a house where at least the whole family fit for Christmas dinner and friends with broken hearts can lick their wounds. The building's cross shape separates the various functions while they are close to each other. The exterior is formed between the cross arms places that have different characteristics. The place outside the kitchen has morning sun and shelter, a place in the north form a welcoming entrance and a place in relation to the living room and dining room with sun all day and night. The building's three stories are tied together in the center of the cross of a triple high place where the stairs run along its walls. On each floor may be room for a new direction that is reinforced by the views and light. In this way, linking the outside different characters to the inside features.....more

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