Monday, December 20, 2010

VILLA 1.0 | Marge Arkitekter


Quality standard house in three sizes
Client: Byggnadsfirman Erik Wallin AB
Collaboration with Kjellander & Sjöberg Architects AB
The first house completed in 2005
Under development for a Japanese model houses manufacturers in 2005
with 20 aircraft variants have been developed.

Quality standard house on two floors. Available in three sizes: Small (150 sq.m.), Medium (180 sq.m.) and Large (210 sqm) house consists of generous open spaces where the ability to move around and the place is great. The contact with the conservatory through views and vistas are an important part of the house and from different parts of the house you reach the terraces at different levels. The house is built of a higher and a lower part. The lower section houses the entrance and features bath, laundry and kitchen. In the higher part is a dining area and living room and stairs to upper floor with living room and bedroom. From the living room you reach out to the lower unit ceiling that serves as a terrace. The lower part is more closed and intimate in nature than the higher of the light by large glass partitions......more

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