Friday, December 17, 2010

Private Home In Oudestraat | Belgium | B-Architecten

location Oudestraat 33, Hoboken
year 2007
client Dhr. & Mevr. V - Z
sq.m. 175 m2
team Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Liesbeth Storkebaum

The local building regulations for private homes in Oudestraat - three floors with a flat roof - are in sharp contrast with the surroundings. The aim is in the long term to replace a fragmented and somewhat rural, low-rise development with an unbroken row of houses.

The dwelling is acompact volume built round a steel frame, which is filled with closed and transparent surfaces. The brickwork parapets of the the terraces contribute to the continuity of the street scene.

The house has three storeys. On the ground floor the car port also forms the access to the house. A first floor work/living space fronts onthe the walled garden. The living and sleeping areas are located on the upper storeys. Both open up on a terrace.

Because Oudestraat is a busy street, the fa├žade is somewhat closed and the living areas are mainly built round the generous terraces. These are suspended in the steel frame and form the transition between the house and the street.

The infill material of the steel frame consists of split black concrete blocks. The transparent glazing is implemented in wood carpentry; in places where both daylight and privacy is needed, u-channel glass is used.....more

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