Monday, December 20, 2010

Shimouma House | Tokyo | Kazuya Saito Architects

The site is located in a relatively dense residential area in Tokyo, on corner lot surrounded by roads on three sides, the shape of frontage 4m, 11m long and deep. The South has a shopping mall atmosphere was originally the west alley, facing the residential area north of the east site boundary is approaching the neighbors until the last minute. Mother and child clients are working together, often work-related stuff. Narrow frontage strip of land, surrounding environment fit different personalities clash, a lot of things we will continue to increase in the future. Advanced plan design elements such as a clue.

Secured parking in the narrow grounds, and essentially three-story room and arranging the desired structure was wooden and the budget. The client has a square image of the house, because space is needed on the construction scaffolding on the east side, with a footprint of 3.6m frontage, it is determined that the natural rate applied Volume sky. Spraying exterior walls and dark brown finish, each a different angle with the wall is the result of friendly faces to look like different viewing angle. Side of the road, only to be easily obtained from the daylight openings, windows and plumbing and ventilation all together on the east side. Because the parking lot does not have to cut our deep roots, and trace around the well site had been left in the upper half of the frontage for large glulam beams = 1.8m and has a Kyantireba.

Configuration space, together with three first-floor room 区切Rubeki, second floor studio space and one floor was divided into three loosely by seismic braces, the roof terrace is provided. For clients that have their own rhythm of life, a story his mother, the child's third floor, roof and floor and shared the second floor. Stairs connecting them, deliberately shifting positions to put down floors in the longitudinal direction, and walked around the room spinning long, as has been planned over the opening and storage racks. And more stuff, a little on the shelves and storage change the view from the opening, the change in sequence casual every day reminiscent of the street corners somewhere, we have the depth to the space and opportunity to enrich the lives of everyday ......more

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