Monday, December 20, 2010

Comprehensive housing reform | Pamplona | Spain By Beguiristain Bergera

Comprehensive housing reform
Pamplona, 2009
The existence of 3 major holes equidistant set the tone for the imposition of a regular modulation which extends to the rest of the house and serves as a design strategy and creative exploration limit. Released this part of the original partition, so that visually introduce bias. Thus, as a result of the arbitrary position of holes, structural elements, staircase, etc., Provides a module as a basis for the repetition of a strip that absorbs and reflects the different requests and meets the functional demands of the program needs . The ends are solved taking advantage of the manifestation of the inclination own the land on the orthogonal geometry that governs the plant. The housing areas will occur providing a continuous sequence of spaces that seek the best views and make use of the different lights and guidance. Seeks a dynamic and changing environment, which feeds the necessary application to address daytime activities and facilitates the meeting and relationship. The bedrooms are associated with a single fixed view that favors evokes stillness and rest. The realization of these intentions is produced from the plastic possibilities of plasterboard, which is of all walls and ceilings of the house. The continuity of the surfaces thus treated together is interrupted by a view coincides with the modulation imposed. The above joint resolve together, show the geometric order and express the epithelial nature of overlay material, which is abundant in the sense of airiness and spaciousness. This effect is emphasized by the appearance of the seals in the meeting taken down beams and pillars, suggesting subtle contradictions that reveal, once again, the mask provided the illusion that seeks to limit short-lived.....more

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