Sunday, December 19, 2010

Single Family Home | Belvedere Residence | Aleck Wilson Architects

The addition and renovation project on the Belvedere lagoon provides an example of a project that dramatically alters the aesthetic and functional character of a home, without requiring a complete demolition. The work is defined by three strata, which derive from a response to what was workable and what was objectionable in the home; the updating of the bedrooms, the major renovation of the formal rooms, and the demolition and reconstruction of the entry and family room. The beauty of the fa├žade is that these strata are defined by such elements as the masonry datum wall. This wall defines new and old, public and private, and defines a visual ongoing parti focused on emphasizing the entrance as an invitation to the home, which opens to the California ideal of blurring the definition of interior to exterior space, through a wide opening to a sheltered exterior space looking onto the private recreation area of the lagoon. In contrast to this view, the formal rooms have a framed view of the Bay and Mount Tamalpais to the west. Through the use of a rich palette of materials, the contemporary plan of the house is softened and creates a more relaxed atmosphere.....more

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