Sunday, December 19, 2010

Single Family House In Mollet | Girona | Spain | Mias Arquitectes

It is not a weekend house because the owner resides there during all the year. Its location in respect to the town of Mollet distinguishes it strategically. The existing construction, now a kitchen, permitted to fix a starting point for the project. The walls would extend in the same level of the already existing ones, or varying it slightly, zigzagging, in order to obtain the necessary spaces, changing of level to assume the slight topography of the lot. The construction would be horizontal, extended, gathering the landscape, moving delicately to obtain the best views, or closing small spaces, in a process of drawing and redrawing. The walls begin to be constructed between the pines, and they reach the existing building, surrounding it, and then turn down towards the olives. Constructing the necessary space and then fragmenting it to place over the house a study, an observatory… The windows stand out, simply, when they let show a fragment of the landscape......more
Site: Mollet de Peralada, Girona
Client: Private
Type: Single house
Project: 2000
Construction: 2004
Area: 230 m²
Budget: <1M€

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