Sunday, December 19, 2010

House In Vizcaya Plentzia | Spain | AV62 Arquitectos

In the urbanization "El Abanico", between the coast and the town Vizcaya Plentzia acentuadísima on a hillside slope, facing south with superb views to the river and valley that is the same, we face the draft two independent houses to be sold.

The topography and the difficulty of access posed by the situation of the road, with the aim of achieving the best orientation for each housing determines the location of each one of them.
In an environment with obvious discomfort living very different reinterpretations of architectural languages of different times and places we choose, cowardly, not to face the typological problem solving what is to be detached house in the Basque Country.
Respect to a natural setting and the intention to modify as little as possible, leads us to propose a semi-underground house consists of three levels of floor limited to the east and west retaining walls of two side panels on the south side open. The top floor is the deck, a garden level which places the only thing clearly visible from the house, the garage. In a somewhat rhetorical claim this item importance for him, the car, and not another, makes possible the "civilized" life in this natural environment revalued.
From the roof garden and through a central courtyard area accede to the day of the central patio access to the area of housing-day living area, dining -. Downstairs the bedrooms and services. In both plants poses an outdoor terrace and from the ground floor bedroom is where you access the garden.
The house is open to the landscape on the south side. Is a more visual and contemplative than physical, conditioned, of course, the difficulty of occupying a land of such slope, and the new relationship that we think provides the user with the natural environment and rural re-colonize.
Their faces east and west windows appear only when it is functionally strictly necessary - ventilation, natural lighting....more

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