Thursday, December 2, 2010

Villa H | Single Family House Design In Graz | Austria | Designed By Atelier Thomas Pucher

Net area: 375 m²,
construction: February 2004
completed: April 2005
Team: Thomas Pucher, Gerald Brencic, Wilhelm Eder, Erich Ranegger *
Construction Management: Jörg Viertl / Rudolf and 4 Partners Project Management
Building services: Bernhard Goggin
Statics: Hartmuth Petschnigg / engineering firm Petschnigg

The frame contains the main living areas and in the form of furniture and walls skilfully setting of various rhythm of the beautiful views. Hence, when passing through the house not only the direction of sunlight
changes, but also the view from the urban to direct view of Graz in the living room into a romantic, natural look to the green hills around St. Veit from the bathroom.

The house requires three materials for implementation:

1. The leveled completely smooth and shiny white frame painted concrete
2. the floor and the rear wall of coarse sandstone.
3. 80% of the exterior walls are made of pure glass

The house offers almost a prototype of a response to the buildability of scenic outstanding properties: the properties of the land are not destroyed with the building (the villa in prestige and nobility but without any reference to the environment) intensified, but by the way of building the first and made fully alive.

The base of the building provides space for children and guest rooms as well as features such as wine cellar, sauna and conservatory. On the roof of the building, directly above the entrance hangs an additional room that is solely dedicated to the meditative and to enjoy the view........more

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