Sunday, January 2, 2011

Casa RCM | Ibiuna Brazil | Metroo

The intent of this project was to maintain the conformation and the most original vegetation of the land to deploy an extensive construction program. For this house was torn between a basement unevenly, with areas of collective use open and direct contact with the ground, and a regular high volume, with a central void which guarantees the privacy of the bedroom wing. The reinforced concrete structure and steel, with large spans and balances gives ample space, suspended, without the constriction of walls or pillars. Thanks to this structural configuration, where the slabs are part of large hanging metal beams located on the roof, declined to intervene in the natural terrain to a minimum and allowed the building to float between the trees....more

Date of project: 2009
Architecture design:
Corullon Martin, Anna Ferrari, Gustavo Cedroni
Land area: 1,200 m²
Built area: 750 m²
Design of structures: Projects Co. - Eng Heloisa Maringoni

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