Thursday, January 6, 2011

Single Family Home | The Ellis Park House | Toronto | Altius Architecture

4,300 sf. Single Family Home. Toronto, Ontario. Completed 2006.

The Ellis Park House was conceived as a contemporary ecological home in Toronto’s vibrant Bloor West Village neighbourhood.
Constructed on an overgrown infill site just steps to Bloor Street the house is earth sheltered into a hillside and enjoys spectacular vistas over High Park.
The holistic and integrated approach to sustainable design results in a bold modern house with exceptional green features.
Passive strategies shape the design and greatly reduce the energy loads while advanced active systems efficiently address what little loads remain.
The Ellis Park House exemplifies residential architecture that is responsive to its site, its urban context, the contemporary lifestyles of its occupants and their desire to minimize their environmental impact.
The home was constructed on an overgrown infill site, just steps from Bloor Street, that was considered unbuildable because of its 45 slope and shallow depth.
Where others saw obstacles, the design team saw potential for an earth sheltered home, ideally sited in an urban context with good solar orientation and exceptional vistas over Toronto’s High Park.........more

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