Thursday, January 6, 2011

Greenwich Village Townhouse | New York City | SPG Architects

The renovation of this townhouse began with extensive demolition for structural reasons. It was completely gutted and re-oriented toward the rear garden. The stair was moved off of the south party wall, which was plastered smooth and only delicately touched by any adjacent architecture. The north party wall was densely packed with maple cabinetry, linking spaces front to back visually. The internal space, left open at every floor, has clearly defined volumes at the center. These polished plaster boxes, containing the discrete functions of bathrooms and closets, set the edges of living spaces. Large panels, both solid and translucent, slide or pivot to close off or open up the malleable programmatic arrangements, allowing for privacy or connection as conditions require. The front facade was restored in accordance with local landmark requirements and the rear fa├žade was built anew of glass and steel with cement board infill panels......more

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