Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A House In Yvelines, France | Christian Pottgiesser

The history of this house looks like a long ripening, those that give the wines. In 2004, projecting to grow its owners decide to appeal to Christian Pottgiesser found in a publication.
Like many corporate sponsors, they have specific ideas in mind.
For their four children, they want to add to the home they already live - probably the old orangery of the castle eighteenth century - a high extension and a single block, savvy western boundary of parcel close views of the adjoining property on their garden.
Six years later and a dozen projects proposed, studied, modified the house was completed this summer and the garden is under development.
Result of a patient maieutics, the program took shape through an iterative process of extensive discussions between client and architect required in addition to respect for local constraints: three perimeters of Historic Monuments, the obligation of a gabled roof, conservation of a network of sewage lift bisecting the garden.
Groping in wavering, drawing in new desires, the desire to benefit from common areas for the whole family and private apartments for each of its members was eventually imposed. Hence the final proposal both clear and surprising: a powerful base from which emerge all five small towers erected a totem, one for everyone, including parents and children or to go into details: a ground- floor connected to the small west side of the old building developed in the form of amoeba, the architect recalls with a smile "a soft form>> on about 47 m long and roughly 15 m deep - which envelope the image of a river of rocks, about 8 m high base of three towers, and serves two others just in outlying suburbs.....more

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