Friday, February 25, 2011

Modern House Design | Hawthorne Residence | Brisbane Australia | Richard Kirk Architect

This two-level family residence on a small corner site in the inner-city suburb of Hawthorne, Brisbane, seeks to create a dramatic outdoor two storey volume as its centre.
This outdoor space is located to capture breezes, distant views, and to create a strong link to the landscape.
The outdoor space is contained by a two level timber screen to the west and is defined by a timber screened ceiling and pergola roof which will eventually be landscaped by creepers.
The residence’s internal spaces are simply organised – with living spaces on the ground floor and bedroom spaces on the upper level.
Living spaces focus towards the north and the outdoor terrace, and bedroom spaces direct to the distant views to the east.
The size of all openings are exaggerated in dimension, giving the effect of a larger wall opening and providing a greater sense of transparency and openness throughout.
Plywood blinkers feature to the upper level eastern openings to provide sun protection and privacy.
The simple organisation of all spaces is also informed by climatic considerations of the site.
The timber framed building is clad in paint-stained eco ply, which alternates between smooth and textured, to modulate the form while retaining its volumetric qualities.....more

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