Sunday, March 13, 2011

House In Nigata | Nigata City | Tokyo | Daigo Ishii + Future-scape

The house locates in front of the spacious rice fields. We designed it in consideration of the relation between the rich environment and the client’s life. Three small huts are put on the flat house of the ground floor.
The ground floor is an open space where the client enjoys the time with friends. In this space, the direction of the activity is parallel to the scenery. So, as a backdrop of the activity, they are somewhat conscious of the scenery.
Three huts are the private spaces. Each hut has windows in four directions for introducing light and wind, so those are just small solitary houses in the nature. The alternate disposition of the huts is effective for receiving the light and wind at maximum.
The huts face directly to the scenery so that they would be strongly conscious of it.
In each hut, the finish material and how to cut out the view are different. Therefore, the sense of distance between the scenery and the client becomes diverse.
The western hut is finished in wood with familiar atmosphere corresponding to the function of the daily-use bedrrom. In the central hut which interior is covered with metal, the scenery is cut as a big picture flame. In this hut, the scenery is emphasized and they are strongly conscious of the scenery.
The interior of the eastern hut is finished in mirror and paint with strong gloss so that the scenery would be reflect in the surface as if the exterior were introduced in the interior. Therefore, the scenery becomes a kind of the finish materials. While, the very conservative materials such as a wool carpet and a Andean Rose wood are also used.
The mix of the scenery as the finish material and the conservative materials produces the confused relation in the finish of space, as a result, it accelerated the dismantling of the scenery. Since the color and material of the exterior appearance are usual in the area and the volume of the architecture is similar to the surrounding houses, the continuity between the townscape is generated.
At the same time, the composition of architecture is peculiar, therefore, the architecture intends to get the independence that is so delicate that it would generate no sense of incongruity in the townscape.......more

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