Friday, March 11, 2011

Year-Round Residence | Christie Beach, Ontario | Canada | Altius Architecture

Set on the south shore of Georgian Bay, this residence seeks to harmonize with its surrounding landscape with minimal environmental impact, while accommodating the diverse needs of four generations of occupants.
Integration with the site is achieved by setting the building low and shifting floor and roof planes so that it becomes embedded into the landscape.
As the elevations shift between the deck, loft, upper patio, green roof and floor levels, intimate moments are created as each space unfolds distinctly into the external environment.

The elevation of the reflecting pool is also set specifically to create an effect of seamlessly extending Georgian Bay to the house, blurring the lines between building and landscape Material choice is also significant in addressing the issues of site responsiveness, sustainability and for comfort.
The rich wood within the interior spaces bring warmth in winter while the rich red cedar and cherry woods intensify the vibrant green of the surrounding forest in summer.
The consistent palette of cedar soffits and ceiling cladding, window and doorframes seamlessly transition between the interior and exterior spaces.
The exterior Ipe naturally blends with the surrounding rock and soil, becoming a geometric topography that extends its contemporary aesthetic into the natural environment.
Flanked by hard edges on the east and west, the building maintains privacy from neighbours while emphasizing the views to the inner courtyard.
The organization of the building is broken down into zones; the main floor is divided between the public/living area and service while upstairs there are the two wings – one for the master suite and the other for the guest wing to accommodate extended family.
These spaces are unified by a central courtyard which acts as the hub of the house which gives access to all main spaces on the ground floor.....more

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