Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saint Louis House | Paris, France | Christian Pottgiesser

A few years ago, a nanny Mauritius buys for less than one hundred thousand francs a hovel than thirty m2 at the bottom of the second courtyard of a building on Rue du Buisson Saint Louis. In disrepair, the building seems to hold that standing still stuck on three sides and a half between the adjoining buildings. Having delivered his dream to build a house in one of his employers, he launched the idea in the form of challenges to his architect friend who is. In tough negotiations, not only administrative but also neighbors, will eventually overcome all obstacles. On a field of only 8.80 m wide by 4 in its greatest depth c $ oncepteur book a cell housing 35 m2 with contemporary architecture unexpected. Because of its size, limited by his views vis-à-vis (including sink) and expectations of its hospitable owner, this doll house was forced to ignore all the conventions of traditional individual housing.....more

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