Friday, March 25, 2011

Working Drawing House | St Kilda | Australia | Nervegna Reed

Designed on a tight inner city site, the house explores the notion of the incorporation of a fluid cinematic space within a tight envelope. Spaces flow into each other using the garden and street as interlocking volumes. The car-park (which doubles as a concrete and plywood cinema) flows under the living spaces. The living spaces cascade from above the car-park (to ensure privacy from the street) down to the back garden. The form of the house with its multiple split levels and service core evokes virtual images of the small 1960’s office building-as house, the free plan and section of Adolf Loos and the citrohan houses of Le Corbusier. Part of the working drawing of the house has been self-reflexively printed on the fa├žades of the house in reflective road-sign tape, to expose the construction history of the project as an x-ray-style form of modern decoration......more

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