Thursday, April 14, 2011

Casa De Uno | Dear Architects

Shelter and intimacy are achieved on this specific construction that raises from a quoin, long and narrow, lot. The envelope recalls the notion of a back that bends over to protect against “the inhospitable of the times to do”; and for the one that knows how to observe, it allows him to sense an intimacy without distractions. Located along the narrow side, the pedestrian door, a wide steel plate, gives entrance to a cut of air that extends along the site, limited by the high neighboring wall and the even higher internal fa├žade of the house; it is a gorge of light with the sufficient width to saturate with clarity each of the house precincts. The one that enters the house dwells this open air. Beams of light, at entering, reflect planes of clarity over the long adjoining wall.......more

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