Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holiday home in Asserbo | Denmark | Christensen & Co Architects

The large site is located in the woodlands between the coastline and the lake of Arresø on the Nothern part of the island of Zealand . A clearing was made in the dense vegetation, leaving a few trees to provide shade and to create a sense of depth on the site.
The small building is in essence a timber clad raft, carried on piles the house hovers just above the grass. The raft folds up and around the internal space, forming the back to the North and the ceiling ends in a large cantilevered canopy which stretches out above the terrace. The fold creates a simple and clear frame around the internal space and the terrace which works as one space emphasised with large sliding doors that connects the inside with the outside.
The project was completed in collaboration with architect Pernille Poulsen and it has been featured in several magazines and books both in Denmark and abroad.........more

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