Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brazillian Modern House Design | Casa BF | Brazil | Humberto Hermeto

The premise of the project was to have a house as a platform with all the spaces in a single level (which should be as high as possible to take advantage of existing views). The owners had already purchased a lot, and off comes the complicated topography of the proposal.

With an average incline of 68% in the front of the property (more specifically in its first 10 meters), the ground presents the first obstacle to overcome: land works. A first simulation had a ramp going up but the cost of displacing dirt was so high that the idea was not feasible (the cost of moving earth and building foundations for the ramp exceeded the price paid for the property). In addition, this ramp would use more than 60% of the area, which made impossible the implementation of a project according to customer requirements.........more

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