Monday, July 4, 2011

Modern Home | Casa El Secreto | Zapopan Jal Mexico | divece

The architectural program stems from the need to build a tree house and yard, the main actor that links the elements of the program and becomes the source of illumination for living together with their inhabitants. The architectural concept is to make a home where space is shared and overlapping, fragmented and fused into one. Is an architecture of open space exchange character and end up forming a continuous space, interlace to string together a sequence of events that always go beyond their limits and are arranged focally in the central courtyard. The courtyard fills with his presence the interior spaces, but also becomes the visual bridge to the gardens and courtyards, takes advantage of his privileged position to remind the inhabitants of its proximity to the outside. The titration is dynamic and fragmented, it emphasizes the horizontal to the vertical for versatility in the composition of the spans and levels of transparency. The white walls light condition clarifies the volumes, framing material changes, textures, colors and are transformed on stage planned in the vegetation reinforces the close relationship between interior and exterior.......more

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