Monday, July 4, 2011

CO2 Neutral House | Velux Sunlighthouse | Pressbaum | Austria | Hein-Troy

Austria's first CO2-neutral house with fewer daylight factor

This house is the winner of the competition called Model Home 2020th.

The design responds in a specific way to the difficult circumstances of the property and its potential uses to the maximum. The living area is an incised atrium connected to the garden. The open roof space of the bedroom floor is marked by a series of skylights, the daylight from all sides lead into the interior.

With only 6 months of construction from groundbreaking to opening in October of 2010, the timber house is implemented in record time.

Heart of the home automation concept is the so-called energy roof. Two oriented south-west roof areas, with 48 m² of photovoltaic panels and sin 8 m² solar panels ........more

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