Monday, July 4, 2011

Small Single Family House | Casa Garriga | Mirasol | Spain | EQUIP

Tub or Garriga House located in the urbanization of Mirasol, in Sant Cugat del Vallès, is built on a farm surrounded by other buildings. Oriented north to south, narrow, small and large, has a half-floor slope that divides the property in two parts. The regulation and measurement of solar forcing us to stand in the center of the plot in two halves in the inner part, the higher we place the pool and garden shared with a neighbor. On the outside and lower, is the entrance of the house. The project aims to bring the two parties The Tub House is open in one direction and closed in the other. The program is reattached and a continuous skin overlying making wall and ceiling. The foot appears to clarify the relationships between the program and location. The stays extend from one side to another and the housing is oriented from north to south, so the light can run inside a garden to another. A relationship means that the garden plants can run north under the housing forming a porch. Cross, these relationships we join the two parts of the house in one vacuum. The front-cover is lined with a smooth surface, gressite to light skating and tube tops are sealed with cement, a material texture-do that gives us depth pillars and floors are covered with a continuous-deck facade, which on one side, rests on a gravel pit filled with water works as a catcher, the other is suspended from the porch light turning the skin a light power inside, and we relate to the garden next door in the abroad........more
Text by Arquitectura Plus

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