Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Swedish Wooden House On Stilt | Woodlands Country Club | Örkelljunga | Sweden | Henning Larsen Architects

The vision of the Woodlands Country Club have been to combine Scandinavian simplicity with the North American wooden house architecture hence integrating the houses in the surrounding landscape – the ideal conditions for a stay in the great scenery viewing the golf course.
In order to use the existing values of the landscape the houses are built on pillars, so you get the feeling of floating on the slopes between the treetops. Furthermore the houses have been arranged in order to create the most peaceful and private surroundings for each house.

All the houses are placed so they have the best possible view and ideal conditions for sunlight be leading the natural sunlight through the large windows. The selection of natural materials and the construction of the building ensure a perfect indoor climate with optimal air circulation and moisture insulation. .....more

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