Saturday, June 9, 2012

House Renovation | Shoreditch Loft | London | Affect-t

A renovation of a 200+ year old warehouse space from the late Victorian period in the creative neighbourhood of Shoreditch. The warehouse was transformed into a loft which would maintain the character of the existing building but also bring the vibrant creative character of the neighbourhood inside.

The free feeling of the loft was kept with a series of small rooms which could be opened up during the day and closed at night through either doorways or curtains which function as partitions. This allows a range of uses and helps the smaller floor plate to be utilised to its maximum advantage. Light floods much of the space and casts shadows across the rough brick interior space reminding the residents of the rich industrial heritage of the building.

An experimental sculptural balustrade moves vertically through the house and ties together the materials of floor, kitchen, and rooms with an organic quality counter to the rougher industrial finishes throughout. The nature of normally rough materials are made soft through the design and help to frame small views as one moves up through the house. 3 bedrooms are spread out over 4 floors culminating in a new green roof terrace affording views of the city of London in the background and distinct space for entertaining family and guests.

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